By curating unique fine art events from (destination) weddings to gala dinners and incentive trips as well as crafting bespoke travel experiences for our wonderful guests, we want to share our passion with you.

Along the way, you will come across our motto “Dream - Create - Inspire” and this is exactly what we’re all about. As Walt Disney once said: “ A dream is a wish your heart makes” and we want to encourage you to dream without limits. Together we then create something truly unique, which will leave nothing but pure inspiration and everlasting memories. 

Just think of us as your new best friends with a thing for to-do lists, (wedding) cake and the occasional m(c)ocktail by the beach.

Let’s make magic happen, shall we? 

Nice to meet you!

We are Hazem & Eva, the founders of Tesoro Events & Travel, husband & wife and lovers of all things making life beautiful. 

Founding this business has been our dream for a really long time and we’re very excited to make magic happen with you! 

When deciding on a name for our new business, we’ve had many ideas in mind until we remembered one of our favorite Italian words “Tesoro”, which means "Treasure". Not only is this company our own little treasure but it is also our intention to share life’s beautiful treasures with you through our work. We believe there’s beauty in everything and that there are many great occasions to celebrate life. 


We love all things pretty and especially beautiful blooms, we think there’s hardly anything better than fresh flowers, whether they are found in lush gardens or as part of a wedding set-up.

Pretty blooms

From mountains to oceans, mother nature is truly one-of-a-kind. We have such a great level of respect and admiration for all the natural wonders out there. 


You got us! If you’re looking for living examples of a “sweet tooth”, look no further. We love all things sweet, from chocolate to ice cream but if we’d have to choose one thing we can’t live without, it’s got to be cake. Needless to say, a balanced diet is a cake in each hand. 


To say it with three simple words: Music is life! We couldn’t imagine our days without music and a little dance session here and there during long office hours, giving us new energy and inspiration. It’s all about work-life balance, isn’t it?


Hues of blue and pretty blush, fiery red and deep orange with a touch of mauve or simply all colors of the rainbow; we think there’s almost nothing better than a good sunset. We’ve been incredibly blessed to witness many stunning sunsets so far and whenever we travel, we make sure to be in a prime viewing spot when the time comes for the sun to set. 


Having had a thing with anything island and tropics related, I (Eva) would run around barefoot everywhere I go. Although my wonderful husband might not share the same “obsession”, we both love white sand, palm trees and the calming sound of waves. During vacation time, you can usually find us by the beach enjoying tropical vibes par excellence. 

tropical vibes

They say Arabian Hospitality is the stuff of legends but for us it is the perfect representation of the modern Arabic world. This warmth and feeling of being welcome is something you’ll find everywhere you go in the Middle East. For us, it’s a combination of generosity, tradition and an extremely high level of quality and service that inspires us the most. 

arabian hospitality

Have you ever just sat there, somewhere by the sea, and watched this magnificent dance of the waves, counted the many beautiful shades of blue and felt that refreshing breeze on your skin? If you have, you can surely relate to our love for the sea and in case you haven’t, well…you should definitely give it a try. It’s simply the best! 

the sea

Having left our countries at a very young age to go out and discover the world, we definitely have never-ending wanderlust. Discovering new cultures, trying exotic food and getting to know people from all around the globe makes our hearts sing. 


what inspires us