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"Luxury is in each detaiL"

- Hubert de Givenchy

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page. To begin with, we would like to take you on a journey - a visual journey...
We've curated a story of visual highlights from some of our past events for you to look at and get a better understanding of the services we offer. You can view our visual story here.

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We're so excited to have you here! This is one of our happy places where we're sharing our passion for all things beautiful, events and travel with you! If you want to know what "Tesoro" means, what inspires us on our creative journey and what we're actually all about, then we'd love for you to keep reading...



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Whether you're planning to say "I Do" in paradise and plan on having a unique destination wedding (how does a nordic winter wonderland elopement in Lapland sound?!) or would like to purchase our brand-new product "Planner in a Box", making professional wedding planning more accessible, fun and affordable, we've got you covered. 

Wedding atelier

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our services


Have you been scrolling through countless Honey- or Minimoon offers since getting engaged/married but are looking for something with a twist? We offer exclusive and carefree packages for our lovebirds in our top destinations worldwide focusing on personalised service and unique experiences. 

moons of love

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Our latest travel services addition is something truly special, providing you with suspense, excitement and fun experiences. When booking one of our secret getaways, you will only be provided with the most essential information, without revealing the destination until the day before you travel. 


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Do you love to travel and given the current situation, would just love to escape reality for a few minutes? Imagine exploring the world from the comfort of your own home.

Our “armchair travels” make it possible! A new podcast, homegrown in the UAE, will transport listeners to faraway places, encountering foreign cultures and exotic lands; all in a matter of minutes allowing for a quick pick-me-up when wanderlust strikes.

Sit back, listen and enjoy!

Armchair travels