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by Tesoro Events & Travel

June 1, 2020

power of love & really good lighting

Weddings are all about the power of love and celebrating it with all your nearest and dearest. 

While hiring that awesome photographer, getting in your favorite blooms and curating a unique tablescape are definitely among the most important components to consider when planning your wedding, there is one thing often overlooked: the power of really good lighting. 

It is something most couples don’t think about and venues don’t necessarily discuss early enough, but lighting might just be one of your most impactful investments. 

Depending on the setting you’re creating and the vision you have, here are our 3 tips for truly powerful wedding lighting. 

Photo Credit: Tales of Dubai

1. There’s no such thing as “too many candles” 

Weddings and candles go together like Disney & happily ever afters. There’s probably nothing more magical and romantic, than a “sea of candles” at your wedding reception. Make sure you consult your venue first to see what kind of lighting they have available in-house (and if they even allow real candles!) as you won’t want to rely solely on candles. Imagine that cheeky ocean breeze blowing out all the candles and your guests sitting in the dark, trying to navigate their phone flashlights in order to see what’s on their plates. You should also mention your lighting plans to your photographer as some might only shoot with natural light and you want to hire someone (or has a second shooter who is) comfortable with shooting after dark too. You can always ask them to include lighting tools in their quotation and have them send you their lighting requirements, if any, well in advance. 

2. The good old lighting truss 

Simply put: we don’t like spotlights and bulky truss structures. Washed out colors on your forever keepsakes (aka photos) and gigantic metal lighting towers are something we always try to avoid when planning a wedding set-up. In some venues, however, it’s hard to get around it. Especially ballrooms need additional lights to really dress up the room. If there’s no other way and hanging points are available, try using an overhead truss instead as it’s more subtle and can even be disguised with elaborate and really cool flower arrangements. Adding portable uplighting to highlight walls, corners or plants (especially palm trees) can also be very effective. 

3. Magical festoon & fairy lights 

If having someone design a fancy lighting concept doesn’t quite float your boat, try investing in impactful festoon and fairy lights. We love a good dropped-Edison-bulb-effect or a first dance under a sky of twinkly lights. You might be inclined to use solar-powered lights but make sure to check the lights’ run-time first. Ask your supplier to bring along spare light bulbs in case of any breakage during set-up and ensure they test them before the big day to avoid any surprises. You will also want to discuss the power requirements with the venue as they might need you to outsource generators or have restrictions in place. 

Bonus Tip 

In order to make things run super smooth, it’s always great to keep the number of vendors you work with at a minimum. We therefore recommend you work with a service provider who offers both, Audiovisual and Lighting services as they will be able to provide you with everything from sound systems or DJ equipment to creative lighting designs. This will help you feel more relaxed and also make the most of your wedding budget. Try working with your wedding planner’s AV & Lighting supplier of choice as they will have previously worked together and understand the required level of quality and professionalism. 

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