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July 4, 2020

5 reasons why you should be using a travel agent

A question we came across a couple of times since we started our business is: Do people still use travel agencies? 

While we understand that the term “travel agent/agency” might be a bit obsolete we also believe that our work and the role we play within the travel industry is experiencing a sort of renaissance and is, especially in times like these, more important than ever. With this in mind, let’s look at “5 Reasons you should be using a Travel Agent” in this blog post: 

Videography Credit: Taryn Elliott

1. Because you will get that premium experience 

If you’re looking for that one-of-a-kind experience not found online, with personalized service, customized according to your requirements, a travel agent will be the perfect fit to plan your next holiday.

2. Because they offer some really special destinations 

Your travel agent will be able to assist you in finding the perfect destination according to your needs & wishes. Depending on their speciality products and services, they will be able to recommend you a range of dream destinations just waiting for you to explore them.

3. Because of all the added value 

Chances are, the packages offered have some special added values included. This could be anything from Spa treatments to culinary experiences, free upgrades, premium transfers, etc. When using an online booking engine you will usually be presented with a simple room rate and a meal plan only. This means you would need to continue searching for all the lovely little details on your own, with many benefits often exclusively available to travel agents and advisors only. 

4. Because it’s just so convenient  

Think about all the hours of research you will save by working with a travel agent. The agency will most probably have special packages ready and will be able to customize them for you, finding the ideal destination for that time of year along with that picture-perfect hotel and so on. Not only will they take away all the stress but also present you with awesome, custom travel solutions not available online. 

5. Because travel assistance is offered throughout your trip 

Just imagine having someone, an actual human being, available on-call throughout your trip. Someone who is going to check on you and make sure your holiday is a truly memorable one. And even when times are challenging, say during a global pandemic, that someone will be there to assist and guide you, help you make the most of the situation, reschedule your trip and just be there by your side. If you ask us, no computer will ever be able to replace that human interaction, connection, and support. 🙂 

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