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by Tesoro Events & Travel

June 29, 2020

from tuscany with love

When we start working with a couple on making their dream wedding vision become a reality, one of the first things (apart from the project plan and budget) we do is create a design concept. 

We try to find out all the lovely little details the couple adores and would like to see included in their wedding. This can be anything from favorite colors, food, travel destinations to interior design preferences, and years of Pinterest board collections. 

Our aim is to take the true character of the couple and translate it into a beautiful, visual concept. 

Being trusted with such an important task is a great honor for us. We absolutely love creating these concepts and even more so when we get to work with amazingly talented wedding professionals and creatives who share our passion for quality and attention to detail. 

We’ve recently had the great pleasure to work with one of our favorite Dubai based floral designers “Tulipano Floral Décor” and will now take you on an artistic journey…

The concept is inspired by the rolling hills of Tuscany, the aroma of Mediterranean trees, vineyards, and their stone houses and olive groves.

A very natural setting in the heart of the Pisa province. Neutral tones of oatmeal combined with subtle shades of mauve along with accents of walnut wood and natural stone.

The design concept puts great emphasis on quality and attention to detail and Tulipano Floral Décor created a floral masterpiece to match exactly that.

Join us now and discover the “birth” of a floral arrangement. From design concept to the final masterpiece.

Thank you, dear Evgeniya, for your trust, support, encouragement, and beautiful collaboration!

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