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by Tesoro Events & Travel

April 17, 2020

we #stayhome but are still open

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been one month, 720 hours, 43,200 minutes or 2,592,000 seconds (but who’s counting) since I, Eva, last left the house #staysafe. 

Being in the travel and events industry, the overnight change and adjustment of everyday life have hit us hard. Although there hasn’t been “business as usual” since then, I do want to let you all know that WE ARE STILL OPEN and stick to the promise made when all this started: keeping up hope and spreading positive vibes as much as possible. 

[What we immediately think of when hearing the word Pivot… 😉 ]

While we wait for it all to go back to normal, serving you is still our number one priority and we felt that pivoting our business would definitely help. We might not be able to send you on awesome trips or celebrate your special day right now, but we can certainly continue planning and share the excitement and passion for unforgettable, future experiences with you. 

So, how do we do that and what services do we offer you at the moment? 

Travel Itinerary Planning 

While we all wait for things to go “back to normal” and to be able to travel again, we don’t want you to completely miss out on all the planning fun. We are therefore offering an itinerary planning service in the meantime. Together, we plan your next experience in detail and you get to keep the bespoke itinerary for when you’re ready and able to travel post-COVID-19. The best part about it? If you decide to book your trip through us at a later stage, you can use the amount you paid for the itinerary planning as credit. Contact us directly for further information and pricing details. #shoplocal #supportsmallbusiness

Travel Vouchers/Wedding Registry 

You can now also purchase our travel service as (digital) vouchers and/or add us to your wedding registry. This way, your loved ones can surprise you with a contribution to your dream honeymoon, while we work with you to curate the perfect romantic experience. 

(Virtual) Wedding Planning 

We want you to know that if you’re a bride- (& groom) to-be, you don’t have to wait to start planning your dream wedding. The current situation might be challenging but just think about how much fun getting ready for an epic celebration (later this/next year) would be. 🙂 We’re here to help you get started with the design concept, select the ideal venue and prepare an overall game-plan. 

Armchair Travels Podcast 

We’ve wanted to create a Podcast in, what feels like, forever. After the first week of self-isolation, we figured that now might be the perfect time to get this project started. Armchair Travels isn’t a conventional podcast format; we combine modern relaxation techniques with virtual travel, offering you to discover the world from the comfort of your own home, one destination at a time. So far, we’ve (virtually) taken our listeners to the Maldives and Venice and have many more awesome destinations planned. Armchair Travels is available on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify and here. We’d love for you to subscribe, sit back, listen and enjoy! 

(Future) Staycations 

We definitely hope that the current measures will help to flatten the curve and that we will see some significant results and increasing recovery numbers soon. Once the government gives the go-ahead, we are ready with great staycation offers for you, your family and friends. We are lucky to have so many unique and beautiful hotels/resorts in the UAE and will make sure you get your perfect little getaway booked right away (once it’s possible again). 


One of our top priorities is to inspire you. It’s always been our aim and given the current circumstances, we think it’s more important than ever. We work hard on bringing you the latest trends, inspirational photos, tips & tricks over on Social Media as well as valuable content on our blog. Bringing you joy, encouraging you to daydream and getting your creative juices flowing, is what really keeps us going. 

We truly hope these challenging times will soon be over and we will all come out stronger and more conscious than ever. 

Meanwhile, do follow us on our journey and give us a shout if you’d like to explore any of the above services. We’d be happy to send you additional information and pricing details and get the planning party started.

It’s true what they say: “When you buy from a small business (especially in times like these) an actual person (Hi there!) does a little happy dance.” 

[That’s pretty much what our happy dance looks like too 😀 ]

We love chatting all things travel and/or weddings and are available for Zoom Meetings, BOTIM calls, Regular calls, WhatsApp messages, Instagram DM’s and emails. Anything we can do to help and spread some joy, count us in… 🙂 

Contact us on:

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