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by Tesoro Events & Travel

August 7, 2019

Wedding Planning Roller Coaster

5 things to consider before you start planning so you can enjoy the ride and stay sane in the process

Chances are you’re reading this because you recently got engaged and couldn’t be more thrilled (or you just really love our editorials, which is a great reason too!). CONGRATULATIONS! Believe us when we say that a wedding is one of the most magical, intimate and wonderful events in a couple’s life and we’re not just saying that because we plan weddings for a living. 

Having said that, the planning process can easily be compared with a roller coaster, an emotional roller coaster, to be exact. But don’t worry! This is totally normal and most brides (and grooms) experience this during wedding planning. In order to stay sane in the process and actually enjoy it, we’re sharing 5 things you should consider before you start planning. 

1. Budget – Let’s talk numbers

The earlier you get this part out of the way, the better. Before you get started, sit down with your other half and discuss the financial aspect of your wedding. Who will cover what and what kind of wedding (style & size) are you both envisioning. Try to come up with a ballpark figure or at least a budget range you both agree on and discuss a cutoff number you both absolutely do not wish to exceed. 

2. Wedding Planner or Venue: What comes first?! 

Once you’ve tackled the budget it’s time to reach out to wedding planners, should you decide to work with one. Make sure you connect with the planner straight away as this will make it all so much easier for both parties. You will spend a lot of time with your wedding planner and chemistry is key! We highly recommend you hire your planner before booking your venue. Wedding Planners generally tend to see the big picture and once they meet you, learn more about your requirements as well as your overall budget, they will be able to propose suitable venue options. In case you already have a dream location in mind, your planner can share their professional experience and in case they haven’t delivered a wedding there yet, chances are one (or more) of their industry friends have and will provide insights only industry professionals can. 

3. Calling all Shopaholics! Don’t start shopping straight away.

This is a tricky one. Most brides get so excited when they get engaged and start to scroll through Pinterest and Etsy/Amazon straight away. All that is perfectly fine, of course, but it gets tricky when you start purchasing decoration and other pretty details straight away. You’re more than likely going to dislike most of what you ordered at a later stage (mainly when it’s too late to return to sender) just because your vision will change and you will find that it won’t achieve a cohesive look. We therefore highly recommend you start a vision board (virtual or print) and pin whatever you come across and like (including anything you would add to your shopping cart). When you’re out in a shop, take photos of all items you think would be great additions to your wedding décor and then add those images to your vision board too. Slowly but surely you will see how it all comes together and you will automatically start removing photos of items not fitting your overall look & feel. Once you’ve narrowed it all down you can start buying and ordering your favorite items. Allow enough time for shipments to arrive and to exchange/return if necessary. 

4. Family & Friends above all else. But don’t let them take over the wheel. 

Wedding Planning is exciting. Not only for the bride and groom but also for family and friends. Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a different taste and style. This can sometimes make situations difficult for the couple as it’s hard to say no and/or disagree with loved ones. However, it’s extremely important not to let anyone take over the “wheel” and make sure it’s the wedding of YOUR dreams. Listen to the suggestions and if you like what they propose, try to include it. If not, feel free to politely explain why you have a different idea in mind and how much their support and understanding means to you. At the end of the day, you will never be able to please everyone but what’s most important is that it’s your wedding and it should truly reflect your style and personality. 

5. Your nearest and dearest: Who to invite? 

Speaking of family and friends: don’t wait too long to start your guest list. Start writing down every family member and friend you can think of. You can either do this together or individually but we recommend you start an Excel sheet as it also helps you to see any duplicate names you might enter. Once done, go through it together and remove anyone you haven’t seen or spoken to in 2+ years. Check the total number of guests and in case it’s still too high, narrow it down further, starting with friends you haven’t been in touch with in the past year and the same goes for distant relatives. You should also take into account that a minimum of 10-20% will drop out, especially if you’re hosting a destination wedding, which will also reduce your number of guests further. 

We hope these 5 tips prove to be useful and above all, try to have fun and simply enjoy the ride! 

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