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July 31, 2019


For most people, Summertime is considered THE ideal time to travel. In the age of social media getting inspired by all the #travelgrams and beautiful images on your news feed is a given and practically inevitable. 

The other day I was scrolling through my very own Instagram news feed and found a good 20 people, literally one account after another, visiting Bali at the exact same time, most of them even in the same city. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Bali and it’s one of the destinations we recommend to our clients too (for destination weddings and regular travel as well as honeymoons alike). 

I guess what really made me wonder is the fact that they mostly seemed to have been there because it’s “trending” right now (hi there, FOMO!) and they wanted to channel their inner Liz Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) and not necessarily because they wanted to experience something new, learn about other cultures and/or meet interesting people. 

It actually made me feel a bit like going into a popular high-street fashion store, buying that trendy top everyone is talking about and when stepping outside the shop seeing at least 5 other women wearing the exact same piece of clothing. 

Nowadays, is everything simply about checking-in on social media, “been there, done that” or is creating your own journey, your own memories, still sought-after? 

The golden age of travel, when traveling was reserved for the high society and the trips were as exclusive as the travelers were glamorous, are long gone. Visiting even the most remote places is now possible and easily accessible and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it being this way. But one thing that we should revisit from those golden times is that being the trendsetter was far more important than being the trend follower. 

Let’s be sunset-chasing, modern-day explorers inspired by our own experiences and driven by individuality rather than copy-paste (traveler) versions of each other. 

If this speaks to you and you’re still looking for a summer holiday destination where chances of you running into your neighbor from back home are slim to none, then check out our recommendations below. 

In case you agree but still can’t totally avoid the occasional #photooftheday, then don’t worry, they’re all so stunning you’ll still get to snap the most amazing pics for “the gram”.

1. Our July “Destination Of The Month”:


From wild nature in the Serengeti to the beautiful coast of Zanzibar with its turquoise blue waters and white sandy beaches, Tanzania is THE place to be this (or any, really!) Summer. 

2. The Hills Are Alive With The Sound of Music:


With one of our co-founders being a native from the land of the “Sound of Music”, this feature probably won’t come as a surprise. We believe Vienna is always a good idea, especially if you love art and history. If you’re looking for a rather laid-back vibe and the unique combination of mountains and crystal clear lakes, check out the country’s most southern region “Kärnten”. 

3. Living La Dolce Vita:


What’s not to love about this wonderful Mediterranean gem with its generous people, beautiful architecture and probably the most delicious food in the world?! Visit beautiful Apulia with its famous “trulli” (stone huts with distinctive conical roofs) in the south or the endless olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany in the central region of the country.  

4. The Martha’s Vineyard of Germany:


Looking for a beach destination but with cooler temperatures and really long daylight hours? Sylt, one of Germany’s most northern points, is best known for its Wadden Sea mudflats and unique Frisian houses with thatched roofs. Think bicycle riding along the beach, a cool breeze on a hot summer day and culinary delights such as fresh oysters straight out of the Wadden Sea. 

5. The Hygge Lifestyle:


Once you’re in Sylt you might also want to hop over to Denmark to visit picturesque Copenhagen, home to royal palaces and colorful Nyhavn harbor and then continue from there to the southern part of Sweden. With rolling farmland, artisan food production and the one-of-a-kind wooden cottages and houses, you’re definitely in for a treat. 

6. Matryoshki & White Nights:


Speaking of traveling up north and long daylight hours – consider visiting Russia during the Summer months. Moscow, on the Moskva River in the western part of Russia, is not only known for tsarist treasures and the Red Square but also for its vibrant art scene, iconic theaters, and ballet scene. We recommend you try a Russian “Banya” (traditional bathhouse) when you’re there and also jump over to St. Petersburg to discover the fascinating port city on the Baltic City with all its historical treasures (Winter Palace and Peterhof are just some of the highlights). 

7. From Sea Cliffs To Gorgeous Gardens:

Cornwall & Wales

Most people head to London over Summer and as beautiful as the capital is during this time of year we recommend you visit England’s southwest instead. Cornwall with its wild moorland, picturesque cottages, and sandy beaches as well as Wales with a stunning rugged coastline, national parks, and Celtic heritage make for an excellent summer holiday destination combo. 

8. Wilderness Adventures:


In case you’re looking for something more up-north, consider traveling to England’s North West with its beautiful lake district and continue from there to the land of mountain wilderness, valleys, and lochs (lakes): Scotland. Whether you decide to visit the iconic capital Edinburgh, play golf (the first game ever played was at the Old Course at St. Andrews in the 1400s) or explore The Isle of Skye featuring beautiful fishing villages, medieval castles, and rugged landscapes. 

9. Charming Old Towns And Modern Day Vibes:


Want to visit a different part of Europe? One full of history, culture, a modern art scene, and truly beautiful scenery? In this case, Poland will be an excellent choice. From Kraków in the southern part of the country to Warsaw (capital), Wrocław and Szczecin, you will find lots of hidden gems, varied architecture, authentic market squares and lots of cute little open-air cafes with a modern vibe. 

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